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Episode 24 – The Fall Issue

Posted by | May 21, 2009.

The sudden death of a Mode editor leaves Betty and Marc competing for the same job. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina demands that Claire tender her resignation at a big awards ceremony … or she’ll reveal Claire’s dark secret to Cal Hartley; Matt lets his jealousy over Henry get the best of him; and Justin nervously waits to see if he got into performing arts school.

Episode 23 – Curveball

Posted by | May 21, 2009.

Just as Betty agrees to move in with Matt, Henry (guest star Christopher Gorham) pays a visit to NYC, forcing Betty to admit she still has feelings for her former fiance. Meanwhile, Betty and Marc wait to see if their YETI editor interviews resulted in actual jobs; Daniel’s transformation from playboy to devoted husband makes him a media darling; and Wilhelmina cozies up to Victoria Hartley to find out just what kind of connection Claire Meade has to Cal Hartley.

Episode 24 – One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer

Posted by | May 19, 2009.

Adrianna and Navid are forced to make an impromptu exit from the prom when Adrianna goes into labor. Dixon confronts Ethan about Silver when he notices that Ethan might be developing feelings for his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Annie reaches the breaking point when Naomi accuses her of trying to hook up with Liam, and some of her peers (still angry about the after party fiasco) decide to take both verbal and physical action against her.

Episode 24 – 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.

Posted by | May 18, 2009.

To locate Jack, Chloe tries to reverse track the laptop recovered by Kim from the perpetrators. Jack enters a garage and finds an idle taxicab supposedly for his escape. However, Tony is able to follow and tries to shoot him. Jack attempts to blow himself up inside the garage with a flare and spilling fuel. Tony somehow prevents it from happening. In the White House, Ethan reveals to Olivia her failure of destroying the audio recording. With Agent Pierce behind him, Ethan confronts Olivia and gives her the option of telling the truth to her mother by herself. Allen Wilson, the mysterious man authorizing the terrorist attacks and the one responsible for Michelle’s death, finally meets up with Tony in person. Tony wraps C4 bombs around Jack’s waist to be detonated when Wilson moves in closer to Jack. Before that can happen, FBI agents arrive, just in time. Cara and Wilson try to escape from the scene but Tony catches them and kills Cara. Just when Tony is about to kill Wilson, Jack and Renee enter the scene, preventing Wilson’s death. In the White House, Olivia confesses her fault to her mother and father. As President of the Unites States, Allison decides not to cover up the mess involving her daughter. Jack’s rapid health deterioration weakens him and he accepts his end. Kim, however, cannot allow that to happen and volunteers by herself to undergo the stem cell transplant to save her father’s life.

Episode 23 – 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m.

Posted by | May 18, 2009.

Jack has no choice but to help Tony escape in exchange for Kim. Tony breaks out of FBI custody and takes Jack with him to harvest pathogens from his body useful for another attack. At the airport, Kim starts to become suspicious about the couple she got acquainted with. When Kim is about to check in her baggage, she receives a call from Renee Walker warning her of the threat. In the meantime, tension rushes up for Olivia as former chief-of-staff Ethan Kanin recovers the audio recording, which will prove Olivia’s involvement in Hodges’ death. Back at the airport, FBI agents are closing in to save Kim and apprehend the hired accomplices, which will lead them to Jack’s location. Tony, on the other hand, continues to negotiate for a higher role with a major anonymous conspirator as he reveals his plan of launching another attack. Jack manages to escape from the hired doctors who weaponized the pathogens inside his body.

Episode 24 – The Leap

Posted by | May 18, 2009.

When Ted pulls an all-nighter working on a pitch in an attempt to bring business to his fledgling architecture firm, Marshall tries to lure him to the roof for a surprise 31st birthday party. Barney professes his love for Robin and the story of the Goat also is continued.

Episode 24 – If It's Only In Your Head

Posted by | May 17, 2009.

Lynette adapts to Tom’s decision to go back to school, Orson takes a beating that Bree cannot comprehend. Lynette finds out that she is pregnant. Carlos’s niece, Ana, moves into the Solis home, despite Gaby’s objection. Susan and M.J.’s lives are in grave danger at the hands of Dave. The last five minutes reveal some drastic changes in the lives of the housewives

Episode 23 – Everybody Says Don't

Posted by | May 17, 2009.

Gabrielle is upset when Carlos’s family stops for a visit and asks the Solises to take Carlos’s niece under their wing. Lynette is upset with Tom for his latest “bright idea,” Orson threatens to blackmail Bree, and Susan accepts Dave’s “friendly” gesture

Episode 22 – In the Stars

Posted by | May 14, 2009.

Betty, Matt and Marc come together in order to succeded in their final YETI project, a photo session with singer, Adele. Love is in the air for one lucky couple as proposals are made. Claire and Wilhelmina continue to argue.

Episode 26 – Company Picnic

Posted by | May 14, 2009.

At the Dunder Mifflin company picnic, Michael and Holly are reunited for the first time since their split and put on a show the attendees won’t soon forget. The branches compete in a volleyball tournament.