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Episode 5 – Monster Movie

Posted by | October 16, 2008 .

Sam and Dean investigate a town plagued with monsters from classic black-and-white horror movies.

Episode 4 – Betty Suarez Land

Posted by | October 16, 2008 .

Daniel is shocked by recent family news. Meanwhile, Betty tries to apologize to Gio after he returns, but he refuses to have any of it. Hilda makes a difficult decision about her romance with Coach Diaz as his wife comes in her salon. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina tries to convince Claire and Alexis that she should return […]

Episode 3 – Baby Shower

Posted by | October 16, 2008 .

Dwight helps Michael prepare for the birth of Jan’s baby. Michael vows to feign dislike for Holly to appease Jan. Pam and Jim have trouble communicating while she’s at art achool.

Episode 5 – Committed

Posted by | October 16, 2008 .

Chloe and Jimmy are among several couples kidnapped by a man who subjects his victims to a lie detector test to measure their feelings for each other, Clark and Lois pretend to be involved to lure out the kidnapper and find their friends.