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Episode 11 – That Which We Destroy

Posted by | November 18, 2008 .

Brenda and Kelly’s friendship takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Sean moves in with the Wilson family, Naomi hangs with a new crowd, and Silver becomes jealous when a cheerleader pays a little too much attention to Dixon.

Episode 8 – Woooo!

Posted by | November 18, 2008 .

Robin reconnects with a group of single partiers known as the “Woo Girls”. Ted must present Barney a plan for his company’s new HQ.

Episode 9 – It's Coming

Posted by | November 18, 2008 .

Nathan learns of his father’s plans, while Flint and Knox launch attacks on Hiro, Ando, Peter, and Claire. Meanwhile, Matt tries to revive Angela, Sylar meets with Elle, and Mohinder begins testing of his newest superpower formula.