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Episode 13 – After School Special

Posted by | January 31, 2009 .

Sam and Dean investigate a haunting at one of the high schools they attended as teenagers.

Episode 13 – Power

Posted by | January 30, 2009 .

Clark discovers that Lana is missing and Tess Mercer may be responsible. Tess informs Clark of startling news concerning an old friend, then discovers startling news of her own at a secret LuthorCorp facility.

Episode 4 – Hey! Mr. Pibb!

Posted by | January 30, 2009 .

While Patty concentrates on Daniel Purcell’s murder case, Ellen and Tom travel to West Virginia to do research on the case against Ultima National Resources.

Episode 3 – Jughead

Posted by | January 30, 2009 .

Desmond goes in search of Daniel Faraday’s mother and learns from Charles Widmore that she is in Los Angeles. The island survivors jump to 1954, where Locke is unable to convince Alpert he is from the future and Faraday is tasked with defusing a hydrogen bomb.

Episode 6 – 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

Posted by | January 27, 2009 .

Jack and Tony wrest control from Emerson and his men, and hand over Matobo to Dubaku as part of Jack’s formidible plan. Bill and Chloe rescue Agent Walker. Colonel Dubaku causes two airplanes to collide into each other just outside the White House, killing at least 271 people. Samantha is killed by Henry’s Secret Service […]

Episode 15 – That's Enough of That

Posted by | January 27, 2009 .

Ricky tells Adrian about his abusive father and then goes over to the Bowman’s to tell Grace’s parents about his father and that he wants Grace to stay away from him to protect her. Ben is disappointed when Amy tell him she doesn’t want him to come with her to her appointment to find out […]

Episode 3 – Electric Kiss

Posted by | January 27, 2009 .

Jessie begins to settle into the Trager’s house. Meanwhile Kyle tries to figure out what Latnok did to Amanda with the help of Jessie, which ultimately leads to some unwanted conflict with Kyle and Amanda’s relationship.

Episode 13 – Big Baby

Posted by | January 27, 2009 .

The team take on the case of a Special Education teacher who spits up blood and collapses in the middle of class. Meanwhile, Cameron finds herself taking on some of Cuddy’s duties, including dealing with House, and Foreman has to make a decision concerning Thirteen’s participation in the clinic trials.

Episode 2 – Least Likely

Posted by | January 26, 2009 .

Old flames popping up for both Bette and Helena complicate their respective lives. Meanwhile, Tasha and Alice try couples counseling.

Episode 12 – Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Posted by | January 23, 2009 .

Betty finds herself stuck between work and home life as she tries her best to appease both Hilda; Daniel, Molly, Connor and Wilhelmina.