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Episode 2 – Psychic Friend

Posted by | January 20, 2009 .

Kyle fears for Amanda’s life after a psychic gives him a stark warning.

Episode 12 – Painless

Posted by | January 20, 2009 .

House and his team deal with a man living in constant pain. Meanwhile, Thirteen receives treatment by Foreman while taking part in his clinical trial on Huntington’s Disease, and Cuddy tries to balance her hospital duties with her new baby.

Episode 5 – 12:00pm-1:00pm

Posted by | January 20, 2009 .

When threatening his the prime minister’s guard doesn’t work, Jack uses the ventilation system to smoke the couple out. While the team is escaping with the couple, they find Agent Walker and Jack convinces Emerson to hold on to her until they know how much she knows. Meanwhile, Moss and Janis have to deal with […]

Episode 13 – The Puppy

Posted by | January 20, 2009 .

When a litter of puppies is born Sam worries that he will not be able to handle the birth of his own child.

Episode 13 – Three Days of Snow

Posted by | January 20, 2009 .

When a blizzard shuts down the city, Marshall and Lily try to continue their longstanding airport reunion tradition while Ted and Barney volunteer to keep MacLaren???s open so they can meet up with some college girls.