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Episode 16 – Things Fall Apart

Posted by | February 27, 2009 .

A YETI assignment grants a shocking look at Mode’s financial history for Marc and Betty, who also copes with news that Henry has posted on the Internet and deals with increased attention from a previous YETI partner, Matt (Daniel Eric Gold).

Episode 8 – They Had to Tweaze That Out of My Kidney

Posted by | February 26, 2009 .

As she copes with Uncle Pete’s overdose, Patty begins to unravel Walter Kendrick’s energy scheme. Meanwhile, Arthur Frobisher’s past comes back to haunt him.

Episode 7 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Posted by | February 26, 2009 .

Locke’s fateful mission off the island as Jeremy Bentham is revealed.

Episode 10 – Day 7: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Posted by | February 25, 2009 .

Chloe helps Jack and Renee track Dubaku; the FBI and the first family deal with recent developments involving double agents.

Episode 17 – Cold Wars

Posted by | February 25, 2009 .

HRG and Matt are thrust into a series of mind games to uncover the truth about Nathan’s plans. Peter gets to meet The Hunter in person.

Episode 7 – Chemistry 101

Posted by | February 25, 2009 .

Kyle deals with Jessi’s announcement and jealousy over Nate, and Josh reels from Andy’s news. Meanwhile, Kyle ??? still suspicous of Cassidy ??? makes a plan to expose him.

Episode 16 – The Softer Side

Posted by | February 25, 2009 .

A patient with both male and female DNA has the team stumped. Meanwhile, House starts acting nicely, raising Cuddy’s and Wilson’s suspicions that something is terribly wrong.

Episode 19 – Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free

Posted by | February 25, 2009 .

A possible employment opportunity opens up for Anne. Elsewhere, Adrian makes an effort to change her style, and Jack continues to help those in need by raising funds for underprivileged children.

Episode 6 – Lactose Intolerant

Posted by | February 23, 2009 .

Shane is confronted by an old flame. Jenny???s true love enters her life and Jenny reveals to Dylan about the test.

Episode 15 – There's No Place Like Mode

Posted by | February 20, 2009 .

Fashion Week in New York City makes Betty’s life more hectic than usual as she helps an eccentric designer put on a show and partners up for a YETI assignment with someone who works at a sports magazine. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina worries about her new relationship’s effect on her career, and Daniel hopes to see another […]