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Episode 13 – Kissed Off

Posted by | February 6, 2009 .

Betty comes up with a solution to deal with her personal problems but she has her sexy neighbour Jesse who keeps her distracted from her goals. Daniel does his best to cover his tracks as Connor is adament on unveiling Molly’s admirer.

Episode 14 – Sex and Violence

Posted by | February 6, 2009 .

A siren casts a spell on Sam and Dean while they are on a mission in Iowa leading to their violent behavior.

Episode 14 – Lecture Circuit

Posted by | February 6, 2009 .

Since Scranton has been so successful, Michael gets sent around to the other branches to explain how. Meanwhile, Dwight and Jim, the new heads of the party planning committee, forget a birthday and have to deal with the fallout. After the end of his engagement, Andy falls for someone new.

Episode 14 – Requiem

Posted by | February 6, 2009 .

An explosion at LuthorCorp injures Oliver, who suspects Lex is at fault. But Clark and Lana discover the culprit is Oliver’s former employee Winslow Schott (Chris Gauthier), a toymaker harboring a grudge against his old boss.