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Episode 15 – Death Takes a Holiday

Posted by | March 13, 2009 .

Sam and Dean seek help from Pamela, who sends the brothers to the spiritual realm. They discover Alastair attempting to break the seal causing mayhem in the mortal world by stopping death from occurring in a small town.

Episode 18 – A Mother of a Problem

Posted by | March 13, 2009 .

Betty comes face to face with Matt’s mother. Wilhelmina devizes a way to make money fast whilst Daniel deals with Molly. The Suarez family attempt to set Hilda and Archie up on a date

Episode 17 – Golden Ticket

Posted by | March 13, 2009 .

Michael’s idea to use “Golden Tickets” for prizes for clients causes a problem in the office. Kevin seeks advice from Andy, Jim, and Pam about dating.

Episode 10 – Uh Oh, Out Come the Skeletons

Posted by | March 13, 2009 .

As Patty ramps up the pressure on UNR, her foes start to crack. Meanwhile, Wes and Ellen’s relationship takes a new turn, and the FBI probe of Patty takes a shocking one.