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Episode 10 – Bringing Down the House

Posted by | March 17, 2009 .

After discovering Latnok’s true purpose, Kyle enlists everyone to stop it at all costs, but keeping all his cover lies intact and protecting Jessi may endanger the operation.

Episode 14 – 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

Posted by | March 17, 2009 .

The day worsens when a conspiracy causes key players to scramble and the politicking in the administration to escalate. Agent Renee Walker receives key intelligence, and Jack Bauer yields results from a surprise meeting. Meanwhile, at the FBI, Janis Gold and Larry Moss deal with Morris O’Brian.

Episode 22 – One Night at Band Camp

Posted by | March 17, 2009 .

While waiting for her baby to be born, Amy flashes back to when she met Ricky at band camp.

Episode 18 – Here Kitty

Posted by | March 17, 2009 .

A nursing home worker, Morgan, fakes an illness to get House to examine a cat which can predict the death of elderly patients. House doesn’t believe it… until Morgan becomes ill for real.

Episode 17 – The Front Porch

Posted by | March 17, 2009 .

Ted is shocked to learn that Lily is responsible for many of his breakups with ex-girlfriends—including Karen.