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Episode 16 – Turbulence

Posted by | March 20, 2009 .

Tess Mercer invites Clark to accompany her to a press conference in New York City, but when an accident cripples the plane, Clark must choose between saving Tess and revealing his powers, or letting her die. Meanwhile, Davis tries to control the Doomsday monster within.

Episode 18 – New Boss

Posted by | March 20, 2009 .

Michael plans to celebrate his 15th anniversary at Dunder Mifflin with a party, but the new Vice President interferes. Jim’s most recent prank on Dwight backfires.

Episode 16 – On the Head of a Pin

Posted by | March 20, 2009 .

Angels get slaughtered by Lucifer’s sword. Castiel and Uriel hold Alastair captive and ask Dean to use his newfound techniques in torture to take valuable information that can put an end to the murders. Dean learns some shocking facts from Alastair.

Episode 19 – The Sex Issue

Posted by | March 20, 2009 .

Daniel and Wilhelmina make Mode’s issue based on sex to spice things up. Matt is hesitant to take the next step with Betty. Marc and Amanda provide Betty with a makeover.