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Episode 17 – Hex

Posted by | March 27, 2009 .

Chloe discovers how the other half lives when she wishes out loud for a peaceful life like her cousin Lois… and a sorceress places her consciousness in Lois’ body. Meanwhile, Clark receives a wish of his own.

Episode 19 – Two Weeks

Posted by | March 27, 2009 .

As his new boss becomes even more watchful, Michael’s behavior becomes increasingly careless, Pam deals with a difficult copier, and Kelly has a new crush.

Episode 17 – It's a Terrible Life

Posted by | March 27, 2009 .

Dean and Sam now lead ordinary lives. Dean works in the corporate world at the Sandover Bridge & Iron Company along with Sam who works as a Tech Support. Both have no idea who the other is until their colleagues start killing themselves.