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Episode 23 – Broke

Posted by | April 23, 2009 .

The Michael Scott Paper Company’s low prices continue to bleed business from Dunder Mifflin, but are so low the company can’t attain profitability.

Episode 24 – I Am Sylar

Posted by | April 23, 2009 .

Sylar, still engaged in an unlikely alliance, faces an identity crisis as his newest power begins to effect him in strange ways. Hiro and Ando try to bring down Building 26 as Matt grapples with fatherhood. Nathan begins to unfold a plan to to set things right.

Episode 19 – Jump the Shark

Posted by | April 23, 2009 .

Sam and Dean are on a hunting trip when they receive a call from an Adam Milligan, who is trying to find John Winchester. They discover that Adam was conceived 19 years ago when his mother fell in love with John Winchester.

Episode 19 – Stiletto

Posted by | April 23, 2009 .

Lois needs a big story to boost her career, but the Red-Blue Blur proves too challenging for her investigative skills. However, when she rescues Chloe from a mugger, Lois decides to take advantage of the situation and disguise herself as Metropolis’ newest hero – Stiletto. Although Clark disapproves, he soon finds himself counting on her […]