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Episode 21 – The Born Identity

Posted by | May 7, 2009 .

Baby William is the unlikely hold up in Mode receiving the money it needs to save the company, whilst Hilda is asked to help with a political campaign.

Episode 25 – Cafe Disco

Posted by | May 7, 2009 .

Michael repurposes his old office space into a cafe-disco lounge for the Dunder Miffin staff. Pam and Jim plan a secret trip to elope. Phyllis is taken aback by Bob’s new secretary.

Episode 21 – Injustice

Posted by | May 7, 2009 .

Tess gathers a team of meteor-infected individuals to track Doomsday so that she can give Clark his location, and hopefully convince him to kill Doomsday. One of Tess’ team members pretends to be Chloe in order to trick Clark into killing Doomsday. Instead, Tess learns that Clark plans to use black kryptonite to split Davis […]

Episode 21 – When The Levee Breaks

Posted by | May 7, 2009 .

Sam is locked in Bobby’s panic room to cleanse his body from demon blood. However, after several seals are broken Bobby wants to set Sam free to help stop the Apocalypse and Dean seeks out Castiel for help.