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Episode 21 – 4:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m.

Posted by | May 4, 2009 .

Jibraan, Tony’s scapegoat, is coerced into helping Tony with the terrorist attack and take the blame for it after his younger brother Hamid, is threatened. Meanwhile, Chloe gets emotional when she learns of Jack’s condition. Chloe helps the FBI using the CTU servers and manages to link a money trail to Jibraan, but is unable to find a valid address, yielding only the location of his mosque. Jack and Renee travel there “question” the Imam, Muhtadi Gohar; when he refuses to yield information, they take him hostage. Olivia arranges through a contact to have Jonas Hodges assassinated, but has a change of conscience and cancels both the transfer of funds and the operation. Hodges tells the guard watching him that “I am smell attitude, and your laying it on pretty thick.” The guard then escorts to the transport car, that was rigged to blow, killing Hodges in a fiery explosion. Jack and Renee discover where Jibraan lives through local police who recognised him and head over to his address; Chloe further discovers that Jibraan has been framed, and Jack expresses regret for his haste, winning Gohar’s respect. Jack leads a team to raid Jibraan’s house and free Hamid, but are too late: Tony and his team have already left with Jibraan, and their one remaining henchman is wounded by Hamid during the raid. By this point, Tony and his team are in the final stages of preparing their attack – on the Washington Metro.

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