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Episode 23 – 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m.

Posted by | May 18, 2009 .

Jack has no choice but to help Tony escape in exchange for Kim. Tony breaks out of FBI custody and takes Jack with him to harvest pathogens from his body useful for another attack. At the airport, Kim starts to become suspicious about the couple she got acquainted with. When Kim is about to check in her baggage, she receives a call from Renee Walker warning her of the threat. In the meantime, tension rushes up for Olivia as former chief-of-staff Ethan Kanin recovers the audio recording, which will prove Olivia’s involvement in Hodges’ death. Back at the airport, FBI agents are closing in to save Kim and apprehend the hired accomplices, which will lead them to Jack’s location. Tony, on the other hand, continues to negotiate for a higher role with a major anonymous conspirator as he reveals his plan of launching another attack. Jack manages to escape from the hired doctors who weaponized the pathogens inside his body.

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