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Episode 24 – 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.

Posted by | May 18, 2009 .

To locate Jack, Chloe tries to reverse track the laptop recovered by Kim from the perpetrators. Jack enters a garage and finds an idle taxicab supposedly for his escape. However, Tony is able to follow and tries to shoot him. Jack attempts to blow himself up inside the garage with a flare and spilling fuel. Tony somehow prevents it from happening. In the White House, Ethan reveals to Olivia her failure of destroying the audio recording. With Agent Pierce behind him, Ethan confronts Olivia and gives her the option of telling the truth to her mother by herself. Allen Wilson, the mysterious man authorizing the terrorist attacks and the one responsible for Michelle’s death, finally meets up with Tony in person. Tony wraps C4 bombs around Jack’s waist to be detonated when Wilson moves in closer to Jack. Before that can happen, FBI agents arrive, just in time. Cara and Wilson try to escape from the scene but Tony catches them and kills Cara. Just when Tony is about to kill Wilson, Jack and Renee enter the scene, preventing Wilson’s death. In the White House, Olivia confesses her fault to her mother and father. As President of the Unites States, Allison decides not to cover up the mess involving her daughter. Jack’s rapid health deterioration weakens him and he accepts his end. Kim, however, cannot allow that to happen and volunteers by herself to undergo the stem cell transplant to save her father’s life.

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