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Episode 14 – The Possimpible

Posted by | February 3, 2009 .

Robin relies on a video résumé prepared by Barney to land a job before facing deportation back to Canada.

Episode 13 – Three Days of Snow

Posted by | January 20, 2009 .

When a blizzard shuts down the city, Marshall and Lily try to continue their longstanding airport reunion tradition while Ted and Barney volunteer to keep MacLaren’s open so they can meet up with some college girls.

Episode 12 – Benefits

Posted by | January 13, 2009 .

Robin and Ted explore “friends with benefits” while living together. Marshall has trouble with a few reality TV stars.

Episode 11 – Little Minnesota

Posted by | December 15, 2008 .

Marshall takes Robin to a bar with a Minnesota theme. Ted attempts to keep his visiting sister away from Barney.

Episode 10 – The Fight

Posted by | December 9, 2008 .

Bartender Dave gets Ted and Barney involved in a fight with guys sitting in the gang’s favorite booth. They arrive after Dave has knocked out the guys, but take the credit anyway, earning the admiration of everyone except Marshall. But when Ted and Barney are sued by the losers, it’s Marshall to the rescue. Lily […]

Episode 9 – The Naked Man

Posted by | November 24, 2008 .

The gang learns a new way to get their dates to sleep with them after Ted walks in on Robin’s date sitting naked on the couch.

Episode 8 – Woooo!

Posted by | November 18, 2008 .

Robin reconnects with a group of single partiers known as the “Woo Girls”. Ted must present Barney a plan for his company’s new HQ.

Episode 7 – Not a Father's Day

Posted by | November 11, 2008 .

Lily and Marshall are considering having a baby, but Lily wants advice from Ted and Robin, first. However, she soon finds they have very different views.

Episode 6 – Happily Ever After

Posted by | November 3, 2008 .

The gang contemplate ways in which they’d handle an unwanted encounter with a person from their past.

Episode 5 – Shelter Island

Posted by | October 20, 2008 .

Deciding to wed in three days, Ted and Stella suddenly see their plans shattered by exes. If video above does not work, please use any of alternate links below Alternate link 1 (supernovatube) – Alternate link 2 (megavideo) –