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Episode 22 – Doomsday

Posted by | May 14, 2009 .

Rokk returns from the 31st Century and informs Clark that Doomsday will kill him, and gives him a new Legion ring to transport Doomsday to the future. Instead, Clark decides to use black kryptonite to split Davis from Doomsday, and bury the beast a mile underground. Tess confronts Lois about stealing the Kryptonian orb, but […]

Episode 21 – Injustice

Posted by | May 7, 2009 .

Tess gathers a team of meteor-infected individuals to track Doomsday so that she can give Clark his location, and hopefully convince him to kill Doomsday. One of Tess’ team members pretends to be Chloe in order to trick Clark into killing Doomsday. Instead, Tess learns that Clark plans to use black kryptonite to split Davis […]

Episode 20 – Beast

Posted by | April 30, 2009 .

Clark begins to suspect that Davis is alive, and when the Metropolis police issue a manhunt for Davis, whom they believe to be a local serial killer, Chloe decides it would be best if they both just left Smallville. Clark informs Chloe that he thinks that he can send Davis to the Phantom Zone using […]

Episode 19 – Stiletto

Posted by | April 23, 2009 .

Lois needs a big story to boost her career, but the Red-Blue Blur proves too challenging for her investigative skills. However, when she rescues Chloe from a mugger, Lois decides to take advantage of the situation and disguise herself as Metropolis’ newest hero – Stiletto. Although Clark disapproves, he soon finds himself counting on her […]

Episode 18 – Eternal

Posted by | April 3, 2009 .

Tess fails in her attempt to kill Davis. In order to destroy him, Tess seeks help from Clark by unveiling Davis’ past with the Luthors. Meanwhile, Davis asks Chloe for assistance.

Episode 17 – Hex

Posted by | March 27, 2009 .

Chloe discovers how the other half lives when she wishes out loud for a peaceful life like her cousin Lois… and a sorceress places her consciousness in Lois’ body. Meanwhile, Clark receives a wish of his own.

Episode 16 – Turbulence

Posted by | March 20, 2009 .

Tess Mercer invites Clark to accompany her to a press conference in New York City, but when an accident cripples the plane, Clark must choose between saving Tess and revealing his powers, or letting her die. Meanwhile, Davis tries to control the Doomsday monster within.

Episode 15 – Infamous

Posted by | March 12, 2009 .

When Clark’s secret identity as the “Red-Blue Blur” is threatened, he decides to go public by having Lois publish his story. However, he soon discovers the price that goes with public fame.

Episode 14 – Requiem

Posted by | February 6, 2009 .

An explosion at LuthorCorp injures Oliver, who suspects Lex is at fault. But Clark and Lana discover the culprit is Oliver’s former employee Winslow Schott (Chris Gauthier), a toymaker harboring a grudge against his old boss.

Episode 13 – Power

Posted by | January 30, 2009 .

Clark discovers that Lana is missing and Tess Mercer may be responsible. Tess informs Clark of startling news concerning an old friend, then discovers startling news of her own at a secret LuthorCorp facility.