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Episode 12 – Bulletproof

Posted by | January 23, 2009 .

Using the name Joe Fordman, Clark goes undercover to discover why Detective John Jones was shot. Meanwhile, Lana and Oliver are hiding a secret from Clark.

Episode 11 – Legion

Posted by | January 16, 2009 .

Three superheroes from the future travel to the past and join Clark in hopes that together they can defeat Brainiac, who has taken over Chloe’s body.

Episode 10 – Bride

Posted by | November 20, 2008 .

Chloe and Jimmy have unexpected arrivals at their ceremony. Oliver is shocked to see Lana after expecting to find Lex. Lois and Clark begin to fall for each other.

Episode 9 – Abyss

Posted by | November 13, 2008 .

Brainiac strikes and replaces Chloe’s memories with Kryptonian code. In order to help his best friend, Clark must ask for Jor-El’s help. Meanwhile, Davis tries to get Chloe to understand that Jimmy is wrong for her.

Episode 8 – Bloodline

Posted by | November 6, 2008 .

Clark receives a mysterious package containing the crystal that Tess found in the Arctic. When he touches it, it transports himself and a visiting Lois to the Phantom Zone where they meet Kara. She opens a portal to free Lois, but Zod’s wife escapes and possesses her.

Episode 7 – Identity

Posted by | October 30, 2008 .

Jimmy takes a picture of Clark saving Lois from danger but it comes out in a blur on film. Tess decides the story should make front page for the Daily Planet. Chloe refuses to help Clark.

Episode 6 – Prey

Posted by | October 23, 2008 .

A serial killer is on the loose in Metropolis, but Clark and Chloe find themselves on opposing sides when Clark believes that Davis Bloome is responsible, while Chloe defends her new friend.

Episode 5 – Committed

Posted by | October 16, 2008 .

Chloe and Jimmy are among several couples kidnapped by a man who subjects his victims to a lie detector test to measure their feelings for each other, Clark and Lois pretend to be involved to lure out the kidnapper and find their friends.

Episode 4 – Instinct

Posted by | October 9, 2008 .

Tess and her team of scientists trigger a signal through the blue Kryptonian crystal. It reaches an alien princess, Maxima, who comes to Earth to seek a suitable mate… and whose kiss kills mortal men.

Episode 3 – Toxic

Posted by | October 2, 2008 .

When Oliver is poisoned, he starts having flashbacks to the period when he gained his archery skills… and met Tess. Meanwhile, Chloe has to make a decision which surprises Clark.