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Episode 22 – Lucifer Rising

Posted by | May 14, 2009 .

The apocalypse is coming, and Sam and Dean prepare for the fight in very different ways. Sam joins Ruby on a final run to kill Lilith, while Castiel and Zachariah kidnap Dean and tell him it’s time to play his part in stopping Lucifer. Zachariah later reveals to Dean that the angels are not trying […]

Episode 21 – When The Levee Breaks

Posted by | May 7, 2009 .

Sam is locked in Bobby’s panic room to cleanse his body from demon blood. However, after several seals are broken Bobby wants to set Sam free to help stop the Apocalypse and Dean seeks out Castiel for help.

Episode 20 – The Rapture

Posted by | April 30, 2009 .

Dean has a dream about Castiel asking to meet him in private. Sam and Dean are shocked to discover Castiel’s human host, Jimmy, is back in control. Jimmy wants his life back but Sam and Dean believe he is in danger.

Episode 19 – Jump the Shark

Posted by | April 23, 2009 .

Sam and Dean are on a hunting trip when they receive a call from an Adam Milligan, who is trying to find John Winchester. They discover that Adam was conceived 19 years ago when his mother fell in love with John Winchester.

Episode 18 – The Monster at the End of this Book

Posted by | April 3, 2009 .

Sam and Dean come across a series of comics called Supernatural depicting their lives as demon hunters in detail. The brothers meet the author of the comics, Carver Edlund, who explains he has visions of Sam and Dean in action then puts their adventures in the comics.

Episode 17 – It's a Terrible Life

Posted by | March 27, 2009 .

Dean and Sam now lead ordinary lives. Dean works in the corporate world at the Sandover Bridge & Iron Company along with Sam who works as a Tech Support. Both have no idea who the other is until their colleagues start killing themselves.

Episode 16 – On the Head of a Pin

Posted by | March 20, 2009 .

Angels get slaughtered by Lucifer’s sword. Castiel and Uriel hold Alastair captive and ask Dean to use his newfound techniques in torture to take valuable information that can put an end to the murders. Dean learns some shocking facts from Alastair.

Episode 15 – Death Takes a Holiday

Posted by | March 13, 2009 .

Sam and Dean seek help from Pamela, who sends the brothers to the spiritual realm. They discover Alastair attempting to break the seal causing mayhem in the mortal world by stopping death from occurring in a small town.

Episode 14 – Sex and Violence

Posted by | February 6, 2009 .

A siren casts a spell on Sam and Dean while they are on a mission in Iowa leading to their violent behavior.

Episode 13 – After School Special

Posted by | January 31, 2009 .

Sam and Dean investigate a haunting at one of the high schools they attended as teenagers.