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Episode 5 – The Club

Posted by | October 20, 2008 .

After inviting too many co-workers to the wedding, Sam tells a risky lie that takes on a life of its own…

Episode 4 – The Truck

Posted by | October 13, 2008 .

Sam and Mel continue to keep their upcoming nuptials secret, however it explodes and more in front of the entire Clayton family…

Episode 3 – The Monitor

Posted by | October 6, 2008 .

Sam’s friend Adam visits the Clayton’s house, and immediately falls for Mel’s sister.

Episode 2 – The Bird

Posted by | September 29, 2008 .

Sam tries a different method of winning Dick’s approval: impressing his wife, Angela. However, Sam’s well thought out plan backfires, when Dick’s prize birds get involved.

Episode 1 – Pilot

Posted by | September 22, 2008 .

Sam and Mel intend to reveal her pregnancy to her parents after a quiet dinner. However, when Sam misses the train after having a drunk girl throw up on him, the dinner starts becoming increasingly unlikely.